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Using Images in Django

This is another tutorial style write-up of my exploration of django features. I build a basic gallery style app and look at django-imagekit I have a long standing photography website hosting thousands of images I have collated from various holidays and treks through the countryside. It's based on the Gallery Project, which is a PHP based app ...

HTML5 Canvas Fractal

I always wanted to create a fractal generator since experimenting with fractal programs on my Amiga many years ago. Fractals are fascinating, beautiful patterns generated mathematically. They have infinite complexity, and you can explore uncharted depths by zooming on different areas. In this case I'm using the Mandelbrot set, but there are many others. The <canvas> element introduced in HTML5 ...

HTML5 Canvas Game of Life

Conway's game of life is a model of cellular automation that produces intriguing, organic looking patterns and animation as it evolves. Like my fractal generator, I think it's another example of fascinating imagery that is produced with very simple rules. Cells are modelled on a grid, and they evolve depending on their number of neighbours. ...


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About Me

I am an experienced software developer and project manager currently working for an established developer of multi-screen display systems.

I have worked with a wide range of technologies, particularly open source tools like Python, MySQL, Java, C++, Plone, and Zope.

This site contains examples of my work, including Django, Python, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS.

My project management experience covers the health / charity / education sector, and I am a PRINCE2 qualified practitioner.

Based in Hertfordshire, I can readily access central London and surroundings.

My hobbies include photography, so please check out my website or my flickr profile